Gator Gate Gathering 2023

January 2023 in Orlando Florida

 Coming soon - more details on the 2023 convention! The GATOR GATE GATHERING (not to be confused with Golden Gate Gathering), a close up convention being held in FLORIDA (not California).  Conveniently located close to the home of a mouse and other animated vermin, this convention specializes is close-up magic and relaxation. 


Gator Gate Gathering 2022

January 7, 8 and 9, 2022

The first Gator Gate Gathering is in the bag! Amazing lectures, a bevy of talented attendees and a very relaxing convention suite made this one of the best small magic convention. Take a look at some of the photos - if you weren't able to make it this year - we will definitely be doing it next year too!

Gator gate gathering poster Redford_edited.jpg



Doug Conn

Doug Conn has been working on the streets of New Orleans as a busker for over 20 years. Cards, coins, ropes - close up and parlor - Doug has performed them all under the most trying of circumstances.

Mike Gallo

Mike Gallo carries on in the tradition of his  father, Lou. Even Lou knew Mike was the better magician. Cards, coins, props you have and never use, in Mike's hands become showstoppers. Nobody's better at table magic!


Curtis Kam

Curtis is known for his work with coins - but he is so much more than that! Cards - stage - platform - you name - he's done it! His work in Palms of Steel and Deceptions in Paradise, followed by numerous other videos, redefined coin magic for all of us. 

Jared Kopf

Jared Kopf is- pound for pound- the greatest card man in the world. He's famous for his appearances with a dead-on Vernon impersonation. As the greatest student of Bob White, he carries on in the finest traditions of magic.

Bob's head shot.jpg

Bob Swadling

Bob is Florida's magic treasure.  Bob excels at creating new effects and probably created the coin gaffs you use. He is the hands-on creative genius behind Mark Mason's empire.

Patrick G. Redford/George Tait

Two man! Mentalism, coins, cards - Inventor of "The Redford Stack" - it's too much talent for one name alone!



Subject to change- IE NOT WRITTEN IN STONE!

January 7, 2022 3 PM

Paul Vigil Lecture

January 7, 2022 5 PM

Relax, session, eat, drink

January 8, 2022 11 AM

Jared Kopf Lecture

January 8, 2022 1 PM

Curtis Kam Lecture

 January 8, 2022 3 PM

Doug Conn Lecture

January 8, 2022 5 PM

More Relaxing, Eating, Drinking and Sessioning

January 9, 2022 11 AM

Bob Swadling Lecture

January 9, 2022 1 PM

George Tait/Patrick G. Redford Lecture

January 9, 2022 3 PM

Mike Gallo Lecture

January 9, 2022 5 pm

Drink, Eat, Session and Cry because you have to head home now!



Get Informed

Where is the convention being held?

The convention is being held at Holiday Inn Resort Orlando Lake Buena Vista, 13351 FL-535, Orlando, FL 32821. The hotel is located close to all the parks and offers a free shuttle. To reserve your room, use group code MFG. 

Who do I talk to about attending?

That would be KENT GUNN - he is to blame... I mean responsible... for organizing can either email him at  or fill out the contact form below

How much does it cost to attend?

The cost is $200 USD to spend three days in magic bliss.

How do I give you money?

See Kent Gunn! Email him for Paypal details at and he will take your filthy lucre or S&H green stamps.

Besides watching magic, is there anything else to do?

Every night there will be a convention suite laden with snacks, drinks and magicians. Ample time to session, gab and relax.
Need something a little more family friendly? The hotel has a free shuttle that runs to the parks of amusement - so come early or stay after and visit the mouse.


Convention Staff


Kent Gunn

Head Honcho

Jamie Duffey



Melissa Black

Registration/Sgt at Arms

Rosie Rings

Party Hostess/ Chief Bottlewasher


Tony Miller

Party Master

Craig Ousterling

Indispensable Jack of All Trades


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